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            Haiti Response
On Tues Jan 12, 2010 Haiti was hit by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. The total numbered of deaths are still unknown, but  it is estimated that over two  hundred thousands have died,  The aftermath is now  claiming many more lives. Many Organizations are responding and working to support the ongoing operations.
Now we pass the one year mark sence the earthquake. 800 Thousands people still live in tents. The risk of disease is still very high. Stress is very high on the children. Simple illnesses can kill in days. Weather is always a treat. Other dangers are there for the women and children in crowded camps. It is a nightmare that has never gone away.
The Day the World Fell - In ten Minutes up to  200,000  people Died. It took days to arrive with help.
Jared  d'Via  in the center was one of our volunteer
PRI The Children Life Project Section of Philippine Outreach,  responded with health care volunteers and later with four containers containing An 20X30 ft Medical Clinic and other supplies.The clinic was built in Cocoa, Florida and then pack into the containers  and ship to Haiti.
This Medical Unit was made up from some of the larger Organizations> The TCLP was thankful to be able to send volunteers to help.
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