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 Dome  Emergency Building Solutions
An Emergency Response with a Permanent Solution
Housing, shelters, Hospitals, Clinics, Underground housing and Cities. 
 Military bullet proof housing. Many options are available.
A Emergency Response with a Permanent Solutions.  In this disaster response it becomes a permanent solution. It takes a little more time to set up, but where a tent will fail this housing is good for a life time. Plus there is little consern in earthquakes and it has a hurricane rating.
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We can bring in Factories or ship anywhere in the world.
Watch for our unground houses and city systems.
Pictures will be up soon.
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Can-Do  Dome Housing Project

I am  the Asian Representative.  Contact us for details and we will have a Sales representative  contact you. > In the Philippines call or text +63 939 364 7677

Cell ph.. 0942 088 2324  or email:



Contact us about a factory setup. We can bring the factory to you.
Housing, schools, clinics, storage, add on rooms and all they way to a city design. Our new models can even be be placed underground.  Watch for more details.
Current planning for a underground Hotel. This can be expanded in to a small city complex. Underground shelters  and homes would  present with a quick setup once the sections are finished and ready to install.
A Division of " The Children Life Project Organization "  
The Future... and we have it NOW. 
 Setup a Hospital in 7 days and move in in 2 weeks
Have your own Factory or Import... Install it Underground.
We have all options.