LAMP  Love Asia Missions Partners 
JOC  -  PRI Joint Operation Center
World Management and Promoting System for Humanitarian Projects.
We have teamed with new Organizations and we are setting up with the ability to increase our mission projects.
With this expansion we move in the teams for planning and set up entry for future disasters. Here we team with the Government, local hospitals, clinics and our own Medical Network resources. We work and provide support and education for the local officials in disaster training. We team with other world organization for assisting in their entry. We plan and pre-stage in advance.
The JOC is a World Proiect  Management and Promotion Organization operated by;
"PRI Philippine Responder  International". The JOC is a collective effort of many Organizations working together for the greater good.   
Our Planning includes a better Medical System for responding to Emergencies.
As we provide services, we teach. Out collective approach provides education to our volunteers, our community leaders and the general public. This adds to our Disaster programs and awareness to public health. We teach how to manage, and direct projects. In all that we do, we provide a solution.  
We are working to build the JOC Medical Network 
Most local Barangay  communities have little capability for emergency response. We are working on a future  EMS BLS  { Basic Life Support }  response system. This will be offered  as a community project. 
 Medical Projects
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