Volunteer the Philippines - Our Gateway Project opens the door for Philippine Projects.  We are a project management group. We provide the project, management and lodging.
 Volunteer the Philippines
Volunteering , is a way to take a vacation and help others!
It is a way to give something back. And it is a way to see how others live and survive. This is an adventure to the other side of the world. You work to save lives and you experience the Asia culture. With us, we provide the lodging, food and other basic services. You are with the Philippine people working to save lives. You are supporting and building our feeding and medical projects.

Cost includes all lodging on arrival, meals, and other basic  service.  Options are open for savings.



Turn your vacation into an adventure as a Missionary. Help others as you visit and work in the Philippines. Give something back as you work to save lives and help children. As you work with us we have the funding to help on our medical and feeding projects. We all win. First  we help children. Second this provides funding for our projects. And third you get the adventure of a life time as you work to help others. We provide everything needed. Enjoy Asia foods and cultures. Let your trip and spending have more meaning.


How it Works                       

It starts with an email. Send us an email stating your wishes. Add in your questions and concerns if you wish.   If you come as a group provide us with the number of people who wish to come. Give a date when you would like to travel. It is that easy to start. We are friendly and easy to work with.  Plus we have group discounts.

From there we move to the next  step where we send out questions to you and gather a little more info.  .


The next step is setting up dates, tickets, and planning. We help before you even leave home to make sure you have done everything to get here and be able to function. As you arrive you start with a good rest and good food. We provide classes on basic travel and working skills. You will find English is common here.