LAMP Web Sites
LAMP has a need to show your money at work. From this we have set up many
web sites to show our work in progress and to list open projects.
We are also setting up funding programs from these sites.
And we are working to show and thank our supporters.
Watch for our Listing soon
LAMP has over 40 Web Domains. This is our active main sites.
All Web Sites will be Revised
The Children Life Project  Children Projects and General Info
Philippine Outreach            Our Philippine Site
Philippine Projects              Project Site. we will list all open Projects here
JOC Philippines                   Joint Operation Center - Command Center
Gensan Health                      Public Health info
All 4 Non profit                      This will part of our livelihood
Gensan Promo                      Business Promotion Site for our Supporters
Time Stress Programs        Our Classes and Training Site- Awareness     
Volunteer The World           Our World Gateway Site 
Future Global Solution        Emergency Hospital, Housing and Clinics Solution -   Undergroung Housing -       World Food Issue - Energy - Clean Water.
The PIFO PROJECT            This is a Asian project,  current locations; Pakistan, Bangladesh and India
Disaster Solutions               Disaster Response and a look at our staff  and Command Systems   Gensan Radio - One of our sites      Gensan Radio  One of our sites  
The  sites are sometimes updated weekly. And as we shift our work,
there can be a total change.
As we finish the set up of the Medical Network, all sites will direct to that project.
Watch for updates.  Last update 12-2011
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