Who we are ---  We Are Many.
Some are on the front lines and some provide the supplies. We are builders, plumbers, nurses and doctors. We are running feeding and education projects. We are truck drivers and office workers. We are explorers , Rescue workers, providers of Relief Centers  and we are researchers. Our people are retired NASA Space Program workers and US AirForce.
 And much more.
   We  are the GO TO Place  for Philippine Projects.
                                          We   build Clinics, Hospitals  and we provide Clean Water.
WHO WE ARE   LAMP Foundation International, is a Philippine Bases Non-Profit, SEC Certified National Organization, working to save the lives of Children and their families. Lamp is involved in all of the Philippines and in other Asia Countries. We manage and operate all types of Humanitarian Projects. We operate the  Joint Operation Center { JOC Philippines } in Gensan, Southern Mindanao. From this Operation Center we promote, provide and manage Humanitarian Projects. Our Gateway program opens projects for other Organizations and provides a path for people to become involved from other countries.
We are educators, and we are building the JOC Medical Network. Our Awareness Programs provides health and safety awareness. In our Time Stress programs we look at World Awareness and work with Substance Abuse Programs. We teach Environment Awareness.  And we are builders of buildings and of people. 
Join us, as "Love Asia Mission Partners". LAMP Foundation International - Offering a New Vision and a New  Hope
Rev. Dr. Fritz Cobrado  cell # +63 9395 26 7170
President  and Founder
LAMP Foundation International
Bishop Herbert R. Gadian
LAMP Vice President,
Denny Rymer     Cell #  +63 942 088 2324 
LAMP World Project Director,
LAMP Foundation International
President, CEO The Children Life Project - 
Philippine Outreach, Inc a US  Based
Non-Profit 501 {c} 3 Organization
Skype ID  " clporg "
 Love Asia Missions Partners 
We are Teachers. Ask about our Programs. We provide training in many different subjects.
Mindanao is becoming the Front Door for Humanitarian Projects.
LAMP is on the Move !
June 2012 Surgery Report
NEW -  Video of LAMP's Cataract Screening and Surgery
What we have done-
LAMP  was estabilshed in 1994 and listed with the SEC in January 2000. We have been involved in many programs and projects over the years.  Our partner group  was involved in the response of the Haita Earthquake in 2010 . LAMP is a National Certified Organization. So we work in many Philippine locations. The Gensan Section  base in the Southern Philippines and now operate and manage  The Joint Operation Center. This center manages humanitarian  projects. We have set up the JOC Medical Network and we do several different surgeries.. And we are expanding our support locations. We have been involved in many  different disaster ,. See our News and Updates
What we are doing now. 
WE ARE ON SITE IN LEYTE AND SAMAR SUPPORTING THE TYPHOON LOLANDA VICTIMS ..We are working to expand the JOC Medical Network and add new  Surgeries and partners. Our Ministry programs are expanding into Sarangani. .. Our health and  awareness system will be expanded through our community support system. Plus we have in our planning a livelihood program. This will give us the ability to offer a total solution.
Health Care training has has started
Our Children Surgery Section  is on the move.  We also have missions to other Asia Countries with our different sections of LAMP. Public education is also on the move.
We Teach ICS { Incident Command Systems } Watch for updates.
LAMP's Forward Command Teams are Ready
We Run Rescue Mission and Relief Centers
 Mindanao  Forward Command
ICS Incident Command Systems Training